The Ho’oponopono Canyon Vibration

The Ho’oponopono Canyon Vibration

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10389542_1419898658323033_8120404299497666277_n-150x150From the E-desk of

Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon

I cannot open to show cowl how enraged I am to introduce you to the most modern artist of Zero Limits Tune.

He’s one of my oldest pals, We be pleased shared the stage and be pleased recorded collectively for over a decade. He lives in the condominium straight in the support of me (in fact we even establish in a gate years in the past so as that we could without complications raise our guitars over for morning and evening impromptu jam sessions).

So with out extra ado…

I introduce you to my friend, my colleague and fellow non secular seeker… Steven Vee!

When Steven first knowledgeable me about his thought to embark on a 5 day poke from the South rim to the North rim of the Important Canyon, we each knew that it was going to be a life-altering expertise, despite the entirety, he had been training for over six months steady so as to bodily make the hike.

Despite the undeniable truth that most other folks would doubtlessly think potentialities are you’ll per chance per chance also presumably be loopy to raise a guitar to your pack when your provides had been restricted, Steven and I each agreed as musicians that he have to aloof be engaging for inspiration. Despite the entirety, the canyon walls retain files from sooner than the delivery of mankind. This was going to be one of many final opportunities to observe ho’oponopono cleaning.

When he returned from his day out he performed for me the melodies and tune that came to him thru varied moments of inspiration for the duration of his trudge. As I listened I knew this was very special and sacred tune.

It was aloof abundantly obvious that Steven have to aloof epic this gift that was given to him, no longer steady for his personal reflection, however also giving others the different to revel in this expertise.

– A father of two

– Loving husband to his comely associate Loretta

– A former

– Retired, however aloof making phenomenal tune

– A Non secular Seeker

– And most considerably: a standup guy and a huge friend!

Front Conceal

Practically about two billion years of Earth’s geological and history be pleased been exposed as the Colorado River and its tributaries nick their channels thru layer after layer of rock. While some parts about the history of incision of the canyon are debated by geologists, lots of recent be taught toughen the hypothesis that the Colorado River established its path thru the put of living about 5 to 6 million years in the past. Since that point, the Colorado River has pushed the down-cutting of the tributaries and retreat of the cliffs, simultaneously deepening and widening the canyon.

For hundreds of years, the put of living has been always inhabited by Native American citizens, who built settlements for the duration of the canyon and its many caves. The Pueblo Indians thought to be the Important Canyon a holy situation, and made pilgrimages to it.

The Havasupai Indians aloof are living in the Important Canyon. The Supai Village is handiest accessible by capability of helicopter or horse and mule trails that climb internal and out of the canyon.

The files/reminiscence of the canyon goes support sooner than mankind and even sooner than dinosaurs. This provides a extremely ordinary different to perfect-attempting neatly past our own existence and reach extra… in direction of the beginning put of our first introduction of a wide awake and bodily realm. This can likely be regularly known as ancestral cleaning. Now and then that kind of cleaning is confused with relatives and relatives, however in this case we’re focusing extra on the Source and the I.

This tune is no longer supposed for meditation. No longer like other therapeutic tune that is designed to sit down down again out you, or enable you tumble asleep the Ho’oponopono Canyon Vibration is designed to fire up your vitality, heighten your awareness and alternate your current vibration into alignment with the Divine.

The 10 songs be pleased sportive upbeat finger type guitar, piano, drums and percussion, synthesizer sounds and regularly even a whaling electric guitar that potentialities are you’ll per chance per chance hiss was Carlos Santana.

All of those instruments had been recorded, organized and performed by Steven Vee himself.

Bear in mind paying consideration to this tune and becoming a member of Steven on a sonic trudge deep into the Important Canyon.

As you hear you are going to be unblocking files out of your subconscious and returning to the Zero Narrate of Mind, opening you as a lot as secure inspiration from the Divine.

    • Plentiful thinking
    • Develop in vitality
    • Inspiration
    • Therapeutic of inconvenience
    • Vibrational alignment
    • Clarity to Zero
    • Therapeutic relationships
    • Ancestral cleaning
    • Extra vanity
    • A reference to the Divine

Right here is the which methodology in the support of those 10 majestic songs…

Song 1The Adventure Begins – My adventure begins here, little did I do know what in fact lay ahead. I had been training for the final six months, however I had no belief what I used to be in fact training for. Name it a non secular shift or awakening however the vitality, the feelings and non secular contact with the Divine began as I descended into the canyon.

tune 2

Dew Drops at Crack of dawn – My hike began early. In the grass and bushes on the facet of the path I’m in a position to also see dewdrops reflecting in the morning sun. This straightforward Cleaning made my awareness extra intense. I felt the vibrational shift in myself turning into aligned with Divinity.

tune 3

Origin to Cruise – As I approached the execrable of the canyon, I had a heightened sense of awareness that I’m in a position to handiest describe as feeling connected to the entirety. I regarded support as a lot as the prime of the rim and seen two hawks playfully soaring overhead. In that 2d I did no longer feel as if I used to be watching them, however as if we had been connected as one.

tune 4

Evening Shadows Caress – As the sun peacefully sank past the horizon, I sat in my camp watching the colors alternate across the sexy stones. Shadows began to unfold across the canyon wall. I’m in a position to also almost hear the easy speak from Mother Earth, as one more day came to an pause.

tune 5

Evening Falls and Stars Shine – As I lay in my sound asleep secure next to my campfire, the darkness of evening provides technique to an horny galaxy of stars above. Every star with its own ordinary shimmer, however as an complete playing their share to whole our universe.

tune 6

Waterfall of Peace – From the 2d that I rounded the corner of the path, my heart was stuffed with peace and esteem as I witnessed one of many most stunning waterfalls I be pleased ever viewed. As I unloaded my pack and stepped into the wintry blue water I felt as if I used to be swimming in the waters of the divine.

tune 7

The Course to Zero – I used to be turning into extra wide awake about the clearing that was occurring in my subconscious mind. I felt as if this trudge was cleaning my files/reminiscence and allowing me to arrive to the articulate of zero.

tune 8

Peace of I – I had now reached a heightened articulate of peace and bliss. A reference to nature and the Divine provide. It was no longer like any feeling I had ever experienced sooner than. As I persistently trekked down the path I used to be wide awake about nothing extra than the 2d, sharp the entirety around me and feeling it simply as an expertise to revel in.

tune 9Divine Inspiration – I had brought a small guitar with me on my hike, All thru the day, after I’d take a spoil, in the evening and the morning sooner than I open again, I kept receiving the the same impressed melodies. Thru that inspiration after I returned dwelling, I distinct that I’d epic these melodies in the studio to portion with others. What you’re going to hear in these 10 tracks is an instantaneous Divine inspiration from my time hiking the canyon.

tune 10

Canyon Vibration – This tune is my worthy finale, a social gathering if you occur to will. It encompasses the entirety from the opposite 9 tracks and emotionally conveys the spectrum of my whole expertise on this musical, non secular… Adventure.

  • Steven and I each agreed, that look finally tune produced by Zero Limits Tune we had to add the four ho’oponopono phrases:

    Please forgive me – I’m sorry – thanks – I esteem you…

    This gave me the different and honor to be a share of this very special project. Every tune has me, the Guitar Monk, subliminally (beneath wide awake awareness) repeating these four straight forward, however sacred phrases.

    This methodology that as you hear potentialities are you’ll per chance per chance also presumably be persistently cleaning files/reminiscence that resides to your subconscious. It’ll also have an effect on the entirety and all americans around you. It is without complications the easiest technique to proceed cleaning.

    The easy respond is you steady hear!

    Ethical paying consideration to this divinely impressed tune cleans no longer handiest you, however all americans and the entirety in its presence.

    No longer like some meditative tune the put it is advisable to to lie down and be still, The Ho’oponopono Canyon Vibration would possibly be listened to at any time and any put.

    It’s fully safe to listen to at the same time as you pressure, execute yoga, work out, cook dinner, or browse your Fb 🙂

    When one thing is this ordinary it’s a ways always complex to place a ticket on it.

    But, Steven and I each agree that the largest part is that all americans must be pleased the flexibility to expertise this vibrational shift, created by this never sooner than heard/felt tune.

    That’s why we each agreed that we’d handiest price: $14.95

    At that ticket we feel all americans has the different to revel in it.

    PS – take into epic, The Ho’oponopono Canyon Vibration is a lot extra than amazing sounding tune that provides an horny ambience, moreover it’s a ways designed to perfect-attempting the counter intentions that are blockading you from a increased vibrational stage.

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    NOTE: The tune I’m providing is for entertainment functions handiest. I am no longer making any clinical, psychological, or therapeutic claims. Enact no longer pause seeing your doctor, or taking medicines, or taking care of your health. This tune is designed to enable you in relaxing, which is main to health and therapeutic. – Behold extra at:

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