The Dog’s Procedure Online Video Route

The Dog’s Procedure Online Video Route

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Sean McDaniel

The Dog’s Procedure Video Training Route

with Expert Dog Trainer

Sean McDaniel

I’ve distilled my twenty years of experience practicing individuals and dogs into this step-by-step program that you might perchance practice along with at dwelling.

Who is that this video route for?

This route will display shroud you the choice to if:

  • Your dog isn’t very motivated by meals tackle practicing

  • Your dog finest responds while you’ve treats

  • You’ve described your dog this capacity –

    “He’s a in actual fact staunch dog and listens except…____________”

Lesson 1 on a notebook computer shroud

Establish a clear relationship

with your dog that permits you to tap into his natural would like to practice a frontrunner

that confuse the connection and undermine your practicing

Make purposeful abilities

and permanent principles so your dog knows clearly how finest to dwell with you

Don’t fully count on meals treats

as the core or your relationship, so you might perchance create a more natural, social relationship with your dog

Behold what our students are pronouncing about their results


Rhaj is a enormous working vogue flock guardian. Carlene got him from a real working farm in Washington Pronounce and chanced on that living with him in a little dwelling in Seattle changed into as soon as turning into problematic.


Cindy went thru the route when she changed into as soon as 7-months-pregnant, staring at for her first child. Delta changed into as soon as overly full of life, out-of-management and nutty round those that would reveal to the dwelling.


Jenny has two dogs, but Cooper changed into as soon as her precedence because he changed into as soon as so skittish and apprehensive. He wouldn’t listen and had no passion in responding to meals treats at all.


Laura has three dogs but desired to center of attention on Jake because, as she describes him, he changed into as soon as a “basket case”.


Jared had tons of background handling dogs in reveals and felt he might also prepare his pit bull. Nonetheless, Jared changed into as soon as having a extremely laborious time strolling Clenny with out severe leash pulling.


Julie has an brisk (to whisper the least) Wheaten Terrier. This breed is most known for what is is veritably known as the “Wheaten greetin”, which implies these dogs frantically jump up on anybody they meet.


“Thanks, Sean! So, so grand data in barely the first few classes! Rufus changed into as soon as a crazy leash puller. We didn’t even settle on to stroll him anymore. It took 3 walks over two days and he changed into as soon as strolling on a free leash about 90 percent of the time! The finest and extremely best walks we’ve had in years – thanks!”

Tim, Atlanta GA

“Bruce is a staunch boy but in the final classes we did he below no conditions in actual fact changed into as soon as ready to defend a sit down with the leisure happening round him. Smartly, your pizza man area. We in actuality did that final evening. He held a sit down whereas we opened the door and got the pizza from the supply individual and then frivolously released him from the sit down after we closed the door. My wife changed into as soon as love, “What?!” We’re continuing thru the route, however the outcomes to this level are nuts! Thanks for thus grand gargantuan recordsdata!”

Terry, Denver CO

“We were so sad at our final dog practicing class. The coach merely acknowledged that Trina doubtlessly wasn’t going to be taught because she wasn’t drawn to meals rewards. We’re in actuality pondering of taking her to the pet store where we had that class to affirm their appreciate praises her 10-minute down – I do know, it’s doubtlessly petty, but it would be so cool to affirm their appreciate praises in front of that coach!!! 😊”

Carla, Seattle WA

“We’re so impressed with how grand data you’ve packed into each and every lesson. We were commenting that we in actuality feel love we’ve been thru a route for expert dog trainers. The outcomes with Maggie, even supposing, were nothing wanting miraculous. Easy walks, no barking, no leaping, assembly individuals frivolously. As you’ve acknowledged, we merely web pleasure from being out with our dog now. Steady gratitude for literally changing our lives with our dog.”

Emily, Edinburgh, Scotland

“Hello Sean, we desired to thanks for de-stressing our lives with our dog. Your route is so staunch! The step-by-step methodology changed into as soon as so easy to practice. … The ingredient and specificity of the “leave it” lesson changed into as soon as one missing share that modified every thing for us. We’re the employ of the temporary boundary repeat interior a lot as neatly. We didn’t even know dogs might also be taught stuff love that. Thanks another time!”

Maryanne, Dallas TX

“This changed into as soon as the finest video route I’ve ever bought. I believed it changed into as soon as going to be love a bunch of YouTube videos strung together. Nonetheless it with out a doubt’s more love an academic TV display shroud. I’d dislike to dangle how grand it tag to manufacture this (I historical to work in TV). Anyways, a jubilant customer and pupil right here with gargantuan results with Freddy. Elegant impressed with your manufacturing quality, tutorial abilities, and in the smash the outcomes. So easy to steal Freddy anyplace now. Thanks!”

Sal, Los Angeles CA

“I’ve spent literally thousands of bucks on dog practicing, classes, tools, and books – all I want to whisper is that you wants to be charging more for your video route!! (Nonetheless I’m happy you didn’t raise the value sooner than I might also aquire it LOL) Thanks so grand for helping me understand web all the very best possible plot thru some total principles to Hank. He changed into as soon as in actual fact attempting to be a staunch boy but merely below no conditions got it?? Now he will get it because I do know what I’m doing! Thanks another time, Sean. So grateful!!”

Alice, San Rafael, CA

“Crazy staunch snarl! Thanks for inserting the kind of entire route together. We had no opinion what number of mistakes we were making. Our walks are so relaxing now and we’re taking our doggo all over with us now that we know what we’re doing. BTW – the permanent boundary to end in the automobile unless we name him out … doubtlessly literally a lifesaver! Thanks so grand!”


The Dog’s Procedure Online Video Training Route

Lift the first steps to having a official, stress-free relationship with your dog!

Originate up Training These days!

Originate up to web pleasure from a more relaxed free leash stroll with your dog the following day!

Lesson 1 on a notebook computer shroud

  • 19 video classes

  • Downloadable and Printable Reminder Playing cards

  • Downloadable and Printable Workbook to Expand Each and every Video Lesson

  • Three years of web entry to to the route on-line.

  • 30 Day A compensation Guarantee!

Please designate: Even as you might perchance also very neatly be attempting to rehabilitate a dog with aggression points, please don’t employ this video route or any video route, TV display shroud or book to self-prepare your dog. Please work with a talented coach to assess and work with your dog in individual.


Test out immediate clips from some early classes to leer what you web interior The Dog’s Procedure Video Training Route

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Step by step requested questions about the route and the form of practicing

It’s important for me that the route is a fit for you. Here are some questions that contributors appreciate emailed me that characterize the bulk of questions that I web (and my responses to them). If your question isn’t answered right here, in actual fact feel free to email me.

  • Walking on a free leash
  • Sitting
  • Staying
  • Walking next to you in a managed capacity on a shortened leash
  • Leaving sure issues alone on repeat (leave it)
  • Leaving other issues alone ‘completely’ with no repeat required
  • Coming when known as
  • Staying in a down for 10 minutes and longer
  • Determining temporary boundaries (stopping them from entering a room on repeat)
  • Determining permanent boundaries (as an instance: below no conditions bolting out the front door another time)
  • Staying unruffled
  • Settling down
  • Meeting individuals
  • Meeting dogs

There are other assert eventualities and classes which can per chance be lined in mini-classes in the “pupil share” on the log-in share of the site. As an illustration, there are mini-classes on issues love:

  • Getting your dog gratified with bathing
  • Finding out to clear your dog’s nails with out having to struggle them to the bottom
  • Instructing your dog to accept brushing frivolously

The length of time it takes is in total essentially based fully mostly for your area. In spite of how lengthy it takes you to web thru the final route, even supposing, those that appreciate sold the route appreciate advised me that they commence experiencing changes in their dog’s behavior interior the first few days of practicing. Nonetheless, to respond to your question about how lengthy winding up the route takes, I will present you with some ball park ranges. For the length of filming the individuals which can per chance be in the video did every thing in 5 weeks. I’ve had individuals portray me they’ve long previous thru the final route in much less time than that, but I’d wager that the life like is that it can per chance also steal you rather longer than 5 weeks to enact. Each and every share is competency-essentially based fully mostly and I present you with evaluate targets in the preamble to each and every lesson so you might perchance note your progress. Moreover, whereas you’ve two or more dogs, it ought to steal rather longer. (There’s a video mini-lesson that provides individuals in a pair of-dog households some extra recordsdata on steal your a pair of dogs thru the video route.)

The Online Video Route Involves:

  • Three years of web entry to to the on-line route
  • 12 step-by-step video classes
  • 15 downloadable and printable reminder cards to steal with you for your walks and homework intervals as a reminder of key “Discontinuance’s and Don’ts”
  • Bonus and grief-solving video classes on the “pupil’s share” of the site
  • Your downloadable and printable workbook to practice along with each and every lesson to be sure you’re getting the final recordsdata in each and every lesson.

The downloadable workbook contains

  • Particular homework assignments
  • A brief quiz for your downloadable and printable workbook on each and every share to solidify your theory studying
  • Detailed competency self-assessments to trace your progress

Yes, we provide a 30-Day, Money-Support Guarantee. Even as you don’t love the route and likewise you might perchance also very neatly be feeling that you didn’t be taught a lot from it, contact me [email protected] and I’ll prepare for your refund.

The largest variable in the acknowledge to this question is how committed you might perchance also very neatly be for the first few weeks of practicing. I continuously stutter that it’s rather love these sooner than and after fitness results you leer … the assert ones … no longer the photoshopped ones! 😊 Even as you leer somebody that’s created gargantuan finally ends up in numerous weeks of an affirm or weight loss program sport-concept, one thing I will portray you is that they really got committed to the concept. Even as you’re changing the leisure, these first several weeks makes the final difference for your medium and lengthy-time duration results. You must present some center of attention and energy to interrupt thru the inertia of your most contemporary efficiency level. The staunch news is that inertia works each and every strategies. Even as you’ve a pair of weeks of practicing below your belt, practicing will get simpler and tons of the contemporary principles and talents you and your dog appreciate discovered change into 2nd nature.

Yes. While there are with out a doubt breed-assert variations in many dogs, this route relies on the underlying commonalities in all puppies to practice a frontrunner and a would like to exist in an ambiance with consistent principles.

In brief – no. It would doubtlessly be a higher “gross sales pitch” to merely stutter, “howdy, employ this video route for every and every dog area it doesn’t matter what”. Nonetheless, it’s form of a pet peeve of mine (no pun intended) when somebody watches a TV display shroud, or reads a book (or watches a video route) and tries to rehabilitate a dog going thru aggression points. It’s no longer that grand of the snarl and workout routines aren’t potentially precious and identical to how we scurry about working with clients in individual in these situations. It’s in actual fact that some aggression points are potentially very harmful, and it’s my advice that anybody that has a dog that is exhibiting aggression might also gentle reveal to a trained expert so that a behaviorist or coach can assess your dog and pick what level of risk is related to having individuals or other animals round a dog going thru these points.

One in all the challenges with this dedication is that the tag “aggressive behavior” is rather subjective. Moreover, there are tons of varied eventualities in which aggression manifests so it’s infrequently laborious to make a selection whether the “celebrated tag” of “aggressive dog” applies. That is additionally a venture, I’ve chanced on, because it’s continuously tricky for folks to tag their appreciate dog (who, despite every thing, is in total very nice to them) as aggressive. While there isn’t a “formula” that I will present you with to assess this, I will present you with a pair “principles of thumb” and dispel some unsuitable recordsdata which also can reduction. The principle fantasy, about the tag “aggressive dog”, that I will portray you about, is that “aggressive dogs are harmful the final time”. While there are dogs love this, right here is practically below no conditions the case. Even for dogs which appreciate killed other dogs, and bitten and injured individuals severely, there are eventualities in which they impart love “nice, friendly dogs”. So, many dogs which can per chance be “celebrated” 90% of the time can gentle impart intense aggression in opposition to assert individuals or animals (or forms of individuals: ie: individuals with hats, backpacks, uniforms, men, teenagers, etc.) Likewise, there are eventualities in which “celebrated” dogs who act neatly in opposition to individuals, grand of the time, can exchange their behavior dramatically in sure situations (love round feeding, assert toys, or on their dwelling territory)So, maintaining in mind the opinion that “grief dogs” are no longer eternally exhibiting “unfriendly behavior” and can infrequently ogle very celebrated, I will present you with a pair “principles of thumb” that will display shroud that you’re going thru a neighborhood that you might perchance also gentle leer a talented about. Even as you’ve begun to interchange your behavior (i.e.: changing the time you stroll your dog, inserting your dog away out of misfortune for individuals or pets ) despite the indisputable truth that your dog hasn’t introduced about damage but, then you might perchance also very neatly be lawful in assuming some possible effort and likewise you might perchance also gentle web your dog assessed. Likewise, if individuals appreciate began to interchange their behavior round your dog (i.e.: instructing their teenagers to steer clear of your dog, maintaining a clear distance from you while you stroll previous them in the neighborhood etc. ) then they also can very neatly be picking up some signals that your dog is talking whereas interacting socially. As I wrote earlier, these aren’t “ironclad” principles for assess a dog but are staunch “indicators” of a possible area. Even as you’re experiencing any of these eventualities, or you’ve any question about your dog’s temperament, I highly imply that you web your dog assessed by a trained expert, quite than aquire our video route, a book or ogle a TV display shroud, to try to rehabilitate your dog for your appreciate.

For dogs over 7 months historical, I don’t employ meals as a foremost practicing instrument. I employ treats with home dogs the final time and employ meals in some eventualities in practicing when it helps web the finest end result. The video route work is 98% with out treats. My bias in practicing now (despite the indisputable truth that I at first changed into as soon as trained in meals-tackle practicing in the Nineteen Nineties) is what I name a naturalistic bias in practicing. I’ve seen over time that dogs communicate rather neatly with other dogs. The glib capacity I describe this opinion is, “in case your dog ran up in to the hills and chanced on a real pack of dogs to dwell with they wouldn’t prepare your dog into the foundations of their pack by flipping him meals treats – they’d, as a exchange, engage socially with him.” That’s form of the opinion with my practicing now. We initiate by clarifying that your dog wants to be in the “follower” role (that is, taking a look to you for interpret issues, quite than merely deciding for themselves how every area wants to be handled). Then we work on coaching total abilities (love attention span and studying to enhance from stimulation in the ambiance, as neatly as some total obedience abilities) and then we work on default principles or policies which can per chance be in attain the final time ( love, don’t ever jump up, or pull on the leash or urge out the front door)I chanced on that after I changed into as soon as experimenting with meals-tackle practicing, dogs (a minimal of these that had adequate meals motivation to be trained with meals) steadily would create “behaviors” for meals and web conditioned rather neatly … except they had a bigger passion in something else. I chanced on that for tons of dogs the meals-essentially based fully mostly conditioning merely didn’t manufacture stable adequate real world results for my liking.By the capacity, whereas you’re gentle desirous to listen to more about why I transitioned from “positive finest” meals-tackle practicing to a more naturalistic practicing philosophy, I reveal about that in Session 1 of The Dog’s Procedure Podcast right here.

The actuality is that balanced practicing with a leash is no longer inhumane at all. I’ve below no conditions considered a dog effort in our practicing, and I’ve considered hundreds helped with consistent, balanced practicing that beneficial properties each and every positive and unfavorable feedback to a dog. Could well somebody, in the event that they are inconsistent, unfair and unbalanced, abuse a dog with a leash, or another object or share of tools? Smartly … yes. I’ve considered individuals be merciless to dogs that aren’t carrying any practicing collar or leash at all, and I’ve considered individuals be entirely blooming and consistent the employ of a prong collar. It at all times has more to create with how you employ any assert share of tools.That is with out grief a extremely emotionally charged topic, and there were many controversial statements made about dog practicing strategies fascinating a balanced methodology of the employ of positive as neatly as unfavorable feedback. I steadily hear “positive-finest trainers” stutter issues love, “you might perchance also gentle below no conditions employ unfavorable feedback with your dog, and with out a doubt don’t physically stay your dog from doing the leisure, because it’s abusive!” The item that is confusing to me about this form of observation is that neatly-socialized dogs don’t even practice that advice when interacting with one one more. When dogs engage with one one more, they employ each and every positive and unfavorable feedback the final time. Why would we eradicate half of of the verbal exchange vogue that dogs healthily employ with one one more in narrate to prepare them?I mediate a pair of of this controversy comes down to the broad diversity of opinions about outline sure words. As an illustration, I’ve heard some trainers stutter that you shouldn’t even “ogle disapprovingly” at your dog because that constitutes “psychological abuse”. With out being presumptuous, I mediate I’d be safe in pronouncing that’s doubtlessly no longer most folks’s definition of “psychological abuse”. Likewise, I don’t mediate the overwhelming majority of individuals would consider of giving a brief, finessed “pop” on a leash to alert a dog to a mistake that they’ve made in practicing to be “abuse” both. I’d merely stutter that I respectfully disagree with these forms of definitions of “abuse”. I’m very jubilant to appreciate individuals try anybody’s methodology of dog practicing. I don’t request that everybody prepare dogs in the capacity that I create. Extra, I’d imply making an strive the positive-finest methodology and assess for your self how effective you might perchance also very neatly be feeling it is for you. I steadily stutter to my clients, “don’t steal my note for it – assess the outcomes for your self.” The final analysis for me is that I’m a enormous fan of individuals pondering, and assessing, for themselves.

There are many “positive-finest” trainers that tag those that don’t prepare in barely their methodology as “unscientific”. On the final, it’s a create of public family persuasion in opposition to trainers that they merely disagree with. You might additionally hear versions of this criticism in opposition to balanced trainers (who employ blooming and consistent positive and unfavorable feedback with dogs), as being “historical normal”. These opinions are designed to depict “positive finest” trainers as; staunch, clear, humane, scientific, and contemporary. On the a similar time, they try to depict balanced trainers as: unfriendly, dead, inhumane, unscientific and historical normal (and I practically forgot – abusive). It’s a realizing capacity to body the world, to be sure. The actual grief is that it’s no longer entirely staunch or lawful.

I heard tons of this form of debate early on in my profession because I changed into as soon as at first trained in a “purely positive” methodology of dog practicing. I heard that there’s finest one capacity to prepare a dog, “Our capacity or the harmful capacity!” I realized that, whereas the purely positive methodology labored for a extremely little decision of dogs, most dogs merely couldn’t change into purposeful in real lifestyles situations with a purely positive methodology of practicing. When I started questioning a pair of of the precepts of the “purely positive” methodology, I changed into as soon as met with the final fervor of someone pondering the opinion that that perchance the earth in actuality revolved round the solar circa 1500’s Europe. Fortunately, for me, I changed into as soon as additionally volunteering in shelters helping to affirm and socialize dogs after hours. I realized at some level of social interactions amongst dogs that they historical each and every positive and unfavorable feedback with one one more the final time. That’s when the sunshine bulb went off for me. The recurring concept in my head changed into as soon as, “I sigh dogs below no conditions read the purely positive dog communications book … because that’s no longer how they invent it?”

I mediate the implication when some trainers name others unscientific, or uneducated or abusive is that these “unfriendly” trainers by hook or by crook don’t understand the advantages of “positive reinforcement”. I don’t know any trainers that reject the employ of positive reinforcement in practicing. Balanced trainers employ each and every positive and unfavorable feedback in a plump spectrum of verbal exchange with an understand on getting the purposeful end result in day after day lifestyles.

To make certain, I’m a fan of individuals living their lives the capacity they must dwell them, and If individuals must prepare in a “purely positive” methodology, a “purely psychic” methodology or some other model of dog practicing, and so they appear to web the outcomes they’re searching out for, I mediate that’s OK. All I will create is portray you about the conclusions I came to and why I stopped up there.

So, perchance I will acknowledge to the “unscientific” tag this capacity. Let’s create a brief quiz. Which form of coach create you mediate is more unscientific?

As I’m decided many of , the scientific methodology is rather straight forward and has been round for a pair of centuries now. It’s as follows:

  1. Have a theory about something
  2. Test that theory
  3. If that theory will get the tip end result that you concept it would web, then gargantuan – Eureka!
  4. If that theory, when examined, doesn’t web the tip end result you predicted, then return up to step quantity one and initiate the process another time by revising your theory since you’ve now proved it missing.

So, intellectual that, which form of dog coach is more “scientific” and which is more “unscientific”?

Dog Trainer A

A coach that has a particular hardened theoretical ideology, and when faced with a lack of results, when attempting to establish these theories into note, doesn’t re-ogle their theories and assumptions, but as a exchange expends tons of vitality casting aspersions at those that don’t rigidly practice their ideology.


Dog Trainer B

A coach, who believes it’s OK for various individuals to prepare dogs otherwise, that has an inaugurate framework and uses many practicing ways at their disposal. They urge thru the above talked about “scientific methodology” testing process consistently with an understand on adjusting ways and methods unless results are executed with each and every dog.

I’ll allow you to make a selection which coach appears more “scientific”. 😊


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