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NEW YEAR 2023 / Vibration Leap Re-optimized!

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“Did there are twelve different dimensions?”

I became as soon as insecure.

I knew that there had been three dimensions, maybe even four… but twelve?

I’d also no longer comprehend how that became as soon as that you just may maybe well per chance maybe maybe also imagine, nor may maybe well per chance also I stare the correlation of how this applied to me and my screwed-up lifestyles.

However he persisted, explaining that our universe has many dimensions of location invisible to us.

And although we are in a position to no longer stare them, they impact us.

These unseen dimensions possess each and each sure and adversarial energies, and they’ll connect themselves to you, whether you can be in a position to like them to or no longer.

Detrimental energies are in general called “sad entities”, and they thrive on taking merit of the feeble.

Bodily illness, stress, trauma, heartache, and different challenges weaken you, making you “energy candy” for these sad entities.

They feed off your struggling, and they’ll perform one thing else of their vitality to mess up your lifestyles, health, finances, relationships, etc.

I stared at him, tremulous, and I puzzled…

Would possibly also this be why so many corrupt issues possess came about to me no longer too long prior to now?

Why nothing appears to be like to transfer good, it is now not well-known what I perform?

I shuddered to evaluate what number of sad entities may maybe well per chance maybe be connected to me good now, sucking the lifestyles, fancy, and hope good out of me.

And although what he informed me gave the affect more enjoy one thing from a movie, it made rather quite a lot of sense.

I’d also no longer merit but think, the entire thing became as soon as magnificent till I moved into that home.

My hair stood on discontinue honest obsessed with it.

Thomas saw the peep of disbelief on my face, but he persisted.

He defined that a broad form of experiences had been accomplished, many from Ivy League Universities, all proving that there are, indubitably, twelve different dimensions.