Line Depend and Invoice Program

Line Depend and Invoice Program

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This unbelievable line counting and
bill program for the clinical transcriptionist, lawful
transcriptionist, secretary, creator, or other language professionals
will make your existence rather a lot more straightforward…

ave you noticed the come you can’t depend
lines in so many note processing capabilities with out it counting the total
smooth lines too? This severely inflates the true amount of lines
you typed.  I know, I needed to resolve that out the laborious come and
spent years manually counting the lines I typed. What
a raze of time!  I will must relish spent a total bunch of hours counting
lines, and practically every time I would lose depend and must return and
launch again.  What a nightmare!

need so that you’ll want to depend handiest the lines you typed so that you’ll want to payment
your client or physician the dazzling amount.  Many folks desire a
program to depend a line as a “certain quantity of characters” since
many folks payment a line as 65 characters.

there could be a resolution to your considerations!

My title
is Michele Miller, and I have been a work at dwelling clinical
transcriptionist since 1994.  I’m repeatedly procuring for systems to
decrease down on time and enhance my workload output.  Here’s why
I had this program created and it mean it is probably going you’ll too!  It be
person pleasant and easy to be taught.  We must make likely the most of
our time!

Line counter and Invoice Program
2.0 (fresh upgraded model)

does the job for you.  It’ll depend lines appropriate about any come you
need it to, by the immoral line, characters per line or it might per chance probably depend
phrases, pages, or paragraphs.  Once it has counted for you, it
will produce an bill to your client without delay or at any time when
you are prepared to make an bill.
It basically
does the work for you!

Here’s what
it does!

  • Line Depend and Invoice
    2.0 robotically creates an bill with your firm indispensable parts and
    your client’s title and address

  • It robotically
    calculates the totals for the bill

  • Helps you to put collectively paid
    to an bill, void an bill, or delete an bill

  • Helps you to make your mind up on the
    starting up quantity of the bill

  • Helps you so that you’ll want to add
    miscellaneous insist to the bill

  • Shows the total amount
    of objects/lines typed

  • Helps you to put collectively plenty of
    charges for varied purchasers

  • Helps you to edit client
    indispensable parts

  • Has foreign money ideas
    corresponding to US buck, Canadian or Australian greenbacks, UK pounds

  • Helps you to withhold a operating
    log of each client’s counts which it is probably going you’ll delete at any time.

Line counter and Invoice Program

  • Words

  • Characters with spaces

  • Characters with out spaces

  • Lines
    (per web insist quantity of characters)

  • Wicked lines (any line
    with typing on it)

  • Pages

  • Paragraphs

  • Consist of/exclude headers
    and footers

  • And produces an
    automatic Invoice!

It’ll withhold a log of the total recordsdata counted so while it is probably going you’ll even be ready to
bill your client, the total data is at your fingertips!

It be indispensable to relish a “person
pleasant” program, that is like a flash and easy to make advise of!

recordsdata showcase you step-by-step show cowl shots of guidelines on how to make advise of the program so
it is probably going you’ll per chance even be up and operating in five minutes!

Here’s what an
experienced transcriptionist needed to recount…

I adore this
program!  Thank you for having this made.  I know this
used to be one thing it is probably going you’ll also had been making an attempt to relish done for some time. 
I like how easy it is to make advise of, and
especially the come it makes the bill.  I gain no longer must
enter any of the data myself anymore!!!  It does it
fascinated about me!

Pamela Harmon, Jensen Seaside, Florida

You too might per chance even be the advise of the Line Counter
and Invoice 2.0 program and make existence more straightforward for yourself and keep
yourself a total bunch time.  It is probably going you’ll likely halt counting all these lines and
manually making these invoices!  Let this program crash it for you. 
Put no longer neglect it is far a business deduction too!


Good $39.97

You might per chance per chance even be
the advise of the program straight away

All orders are processed by ClickBank, our win bank card

60 Day A reimbursement guarantee

It is probably going you’ll likely also
advise this program on just a few laptop programs, right here is no longer a single license
program.  Restricted time provide!

Properly matched with Microsoft Note

Dwelling windows 98, 2000, ME, Dwelling windows 7, and XP Dwelling & Reliable & Vista.

This program doesn’t work with

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