Free Produce no longer Tread on Me Flags!

Free Produce no longer Tread on Me Flags!

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In 1776, the year of our independence, Betsy Ross developed our iconic Extinct Glory flag after being commissioned by our 1st President George Washington.

Three hundred and sixty five days EARLIER; soldier, frequent, and eventual Lieutenant Governor Christopher Gadsden created THIS HISTORIC manufacture old faculty by the Continental Marines. The snake is a mark first developed by Benjamin Franklin in his Pennsylvania Gazette to signify the fashioned colonies.

It truly represents the Patriotic Virtues of America: to Maintain Particular person Freedom, to Slay Tyranny and to Retain the Authorities’s Energy in Check.

Right here at Patriot Powered Merchandise, we are

gifting awayof

FREE “Produce no longer Tread On Me” 3x5ft Flags to any individual who’s celebrating the dedication to combating tyranny, defending inner most liberties and conserving executive in test!

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