Belly Dancing Direction(tm):*High Belly Dancing Class on Cb* $65/Sale!

Belly Dancing Direction(tm):*High Belly Dancing Class on Cb* $65/Sale!

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“The Absolute top and Most Effective Formula To Learn Belly Dancing Online!” – Entertainment Weekly

Now ANYONE Can Learn To Belly Dance Effortlessly From House! Depart From Beginner To Expert With Over 50 Step-By-Step Videos With Non-public Coaching That Beats All Diversified Belly Dancing Courses!


From: The Desk of Mariella Monroe

Skilled Belly Dancer & Certified Trainer

Imagine being ready to pass your physique with grace & confidence treasure a seasoned abdominal dancer with out disaster and in a shortest time WITHOUT paying for costly lessons or getting self-aware in are residing lessons.

Now it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably.. and it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably lift out it from dwelling, in weeks not years with out wasting money, time and energy on aged dancing schools.

“ Seemingly the quickest technique for anybody to master abdominal dancing. And also it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably lift out it all from the privacy of your private dwelling. ”

– Cosmopolitan Magazine, 2012

BellyDancingCourse “Masterclass” machine is amazingly easy…

    abdominal dancing lessons

    All of the program contains over 50 videos with a total runtime of 8 hours, systematically instructing all main forms of bellydance steps and combinations that leaves nothing to the creativeness. It be the most jam-packed and intensive abdominal dancing route you will ever skills.

  • 50 videos with a total operating time of 8 hours of in-depth lessons
  • Step-by-step bellydance instruction program introduced in a easy-to-agree to layout
  • 3 a good deal of lecturers masking 5 main forms of abdominal dancing.
  • Factual for BOTH newcomers and seasoned dancers.
  • Learn over 40 isolated physique movements, every visually demonstrated and verbally described, with on-display cloak visible aids.
  • All general moves are covered within the main 2 hours so that you just’re going to be up and operating hasty.
  • Clearly look all movements from extra than one viewing angles, including paunchy-physique & up-finish views. Then develop fluid combinations of the moves it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably also web got realized!


abdominal dancing instruction lessons

    3 seperate educated lecturers way you fetch sort in instructing kinds and a higher learning skills thanks to specialization


    The route covers 5 clear dance kinds so that you just will fetch to head trying the a good deal of forms of abdominal dancing.

    Over 8 hours of videos in 50+ video chapters. It contains general moves your complete technique up to complex combinations, warmups, cooldowns plus track!

So What Makes This The #1 Belly Dancing Direction?

1. Over 50 Videos (8 Hours) of Dancing Strikes, Combinations, Layers & Ways

Learn to esteem and pass your physique with grace & confidence with over 50 videos spanning over 8 hours of step-by-step instructions. The principle 2 hours covers general moves and leisure covers evolved combinations, educated systems and little-know guidelines to empower you to pass and dance treasure a professional!

2. Fun, Participating, Step By Step and Straightforward To Practice Video Directions

Every phase breaks down, explains and drills the fundamental bellydancing moves and an easy-to-rob step sequence that reveals use it. The movement starts slowly, then progresses to paunchy flee. It covers the mechanics of general movements, demonstrates where those fundamentals will rob you with variations and layers, and has a brief routine before the total lot of the video.

3. Diversified Lecturers – 5 Dance Kinds

With 3 a good deal of lecturers, you will fetch to skills varied instructing kinds and stage of draw back. This route covers 5 a good deal of dances kinds to have this per chance the most total route on the market:

  • American Cabaret
  • Egyptian Oriental
  • U.S. Tribal
  • Gothic & Tribal Fusion
  • Turkish Didem

4. Comely For Inexperienced persons & Developed Dancers!

All of the route is perfect for newcomers or extra seasoned dancers procuring for a evaluate of technique. Every phase and pass is broken down into parts with evolved aggregate movement at the discontinue of every video for seasoned dancers.

5. Modern Like a flash-Monitor Blueprint & Award Winning Production

This high-caliber equipment has earned accolades for Mariella’s obvious and supportive instructing vogue, her attention to solid technique, as well to for its unparalleled manufacturing quality. With the modern like a flash-note technique of coaching newcomers and the supportive, nurturing vogue, this takes you from general to evolved combinations within the very first hour.

6. Entails A Cumbersome Different Of Belly Dance Music & Rhythms

Salvage over 1 hour of fabulous audio that contains pretty track of widely acclaimed international recording artists. This is the appropriate accompaniment to the video coaching!

7. On the spot Salvage admission to To Videos

It’s most likely you’ll per chance per chance fetch INSTANT lifetime fetch admission to to your complete videos in our contributors space with one-on-one video chat/electronic mail back with Mariella. Why damage time staring at for the mail to come need to it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably also fetch started interior minutes! You moreover web the probability to fetch your complete videos on DVDs whenever you desire.

Sample Videos:

    This is some videos it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably look as a sample. Carry out demonstrate that the videos proven right here are diminished in quality and handiest reveals a runt phase of the educational.

    How To Carry out The Camel Strikes:

    (After clicking “Play”, please wait while video hundreds)

    How To Carry out Head Slides:

    (After clicking “Play”, please wait while video hundreds)

      Revel in 3 ways of staring at our videos:

      All of our videos are on hand for download to your laptop. Which skill that you just can back the file and look them all but again and all but again all but again.

      You most seemingly can look the video lessons at present by a contributors space. You fetch lifetime streaming fetch admission to without a expiry date.

      Set up not feel treasure staring at online? You most seemingly can moreover fetch your complete videos on DVDs. Which skill that you just can head trying the videos anytime.

Take a nearer web a look at what you will learn on this high-caliber multimedia equipment:

  • All Strikes Of 6 Diversified Dance Kinds

  • Different Of Music and Costumes

  • Rhythmic Hip and Rotations

  • Shimmy, Shiver and Twists

  • Camel Rocks, Forward and Back Steps

  • Figure Eights and Pelvic Tilts

  • Udulations & Torso Rotation

  • Bellydance Percussive Hipwork

  • Combining Footwork with Hipwork

  • Upper Body Strikes and Accents

  • Combining Fluid Hipwork and Upper Body Accents

  • Straightforward Hipwork Combinations

  • Provocative Hipwork Combinations

  • Provocative Fluid Movements

    “Enough Allege material For a 10-Week Direction”

    I’m a mammoth admirer of Mariella and this route didn’t disappoint — it is verbalize material-rich, paunchy of ideas, indepth instructions and is laid out in a in fact easy-to-agree to layout.

    It be supposed to be sufficient verbalize material for a 10-week route.

    Mariella is a merely dancer and trainer — ravishing, controlled, and straight forward to agree to. Camera work and angles all over are very helpful.

    – Monique Sosa, Los Angeles, CA

    Synergy Dance Studios

Guaranteed To Shorten The Learning Curve…

Hear, I’ve held nothing support.

I provide detailed guidelines and step-by-step visualisations promoting appropriate, solid and safe systems from the very open, and in moderation cues every pass and aggregate for easy following with every video.

  • abdominal dancing moves in collegeIt’s most likely you’ll per chance per chance learn the fundamental bellydance moves and then combine them into combinations, safely and joyfully discovering your beget dance!
  • I will recordsdata you through sequences of steps constructing from easy isolated moves to layered moves.
  • Footwork, arm/hand patterns and head angles are gradually mixed for the enact of complete coordination and effortless modify.

The underside line is that this: BellyDancingCourse™ “The Remaining Masterclass” is guaranteed to shorten the learning curve and makes this the Absolute top, Quickest and MOST EFFECTIVE abdominal dancing learning technique.

This is What Some Of Our Customers Enjoy To Utter

BellyDancingCourse™ web been distributed all around the enviornment. It be virtually embarrassing, but I fetch letters and emails from potentialities who web started on their abdominal dancing trudge with this route.

But don’t right rob my observe for it… hearken to what satisifed potentialities settle on to convey:

” A few Angles So You Miss Nothing! “

“ I treasure this DVD route. She starts leisurely with easy movements and accelerates because the DVD goes on, the movements getting extra evolved. There is a dance share with obvious instructions.

I in fact web bought other tutorial abdominal dancing videos and had a laborious time seeing the dancers movements. The instructions web extra than one digicam angles so that you just miss nothing! I in fact web moreover been to 1 in every of her workshops and Mariella is correct as fabulous in individual as on the video.

– Janie Mcginnis

Salina, KS


“Offers Moral Steering and Explaination Of Ways… “

I judge it is critical for tutorial videos to provide right steering and explanation of the systems. I never felt treasure she used to be transferring too like a flash, and I liked the aggregate of technical and creative explanations of the movements. It moreover never felt dull or leisurely.

Moreover the typical instruction, this is shot very wisely: the camerawork and the voiceover are right on cue, and that isn’t very easy to search out. Whereas it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably even be drawn to learning to bellydance, lift out yourself a desire and aquire this.

– Nadine Perez, NY Dance Teacher

Albany, NY


“One in every of These Courses That Makes A Distinction, FAST and Permanently… “

I in fact liked the level of interest on have and technique, which is admittedly what takes abdominal dance to the subsequent stage.

I’ve handiest had this for a pair weeks but I’m twisted and I know I will advance support to it all but again and all but again all but again for its focal level on the basics, the evolved muscle modify agree to and instruction, and her ravishing vogue. It be a form of packages that makes a distinction like a flash and completely.

– Shelia Delarosa

Ontario, Canada


“This is an EXCELLENT tutorial route…Comely Guidelines and Visuals “

I’m recent to bellydancing and I in fact haven’t stumbled on a abdominal dancing college in my space. As a result, I in fact web slogged through somewhat a pair of tutorial DVDs trying to search out a right one. Let me teach you they are few and much between.

I want a category that is correct for newcomers but total sufficient for me to use as I fetch better. This is an EXCELLENT tutorial route. The lecturers presents you fabulous guidelines and visuals for learning the a good deal of moves.

– Kayla Haney

London, UK


“Cumbersome Job Breaking Down The Strikes”

These videos are superior! I in fact web never danced sooner than but I desired to rob abdominal dancing lessons within the autumn and I didn’t need o amble in there fully oblivious, so I ordered this. Mariella is so ravishing and poised. Her instructing is amazingly elementary and straight forward to get on.

It does a enormous job breaking down the moves for those of us which web never taken a bellydance class sooner than.

Ruth Correa

Tamarac, FL


“Scrumptious Simply On yarn of It Is Straightforward… “

Mariella is admittedly right at instructing your complete systems. I treasure that she does a grade by grade lesson of your complete movements and most of all that she takes the time to be obvious that your doing it right, by telling you the way to not preserve out it.

It’s some distance so stress-free merely because it is easy and this could per chance web you dancing at present! Since most newcomers are interested to open dancing, this is a stress-free technique to enter into the enviornment of abdominal dance.

Doreen Reyna

KZN, South Africa

Salvage Your Very Have confidence Belly Dancing Trainer For Life!

I will completely speak and demostrate say every step and whenever it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably even be feeling you web missed a critical phase, it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably merely discontinue and replay from facet to facet unless you master the systems.

It’s the closest it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably also fetch to one-on-one coaching! By learning abdominal dancing on videos, it’s treasure having a FREE private tutor at dwelling for existence!

More importantly, since the program contains 3 lecturers, 5 dance kinds, 8 hours of step-by-step videos + private coaching, you could per chance not acquire any other program as effective as this one anywhere else.

Easiest of all, the final program is easy to agree to. From the very first video you look, I will systematically work you through a series of moves that growth you, the usage of every as a constructing block to growth onto the subsequent technique.

Claim These Uncommon Bonuses When You Expose Now…

Hear, I are trying to be obvious that you just web the total lot it will seemingly be vital to at present guarantee the success of your efforts to learn abdominal dancing.

So whenever you act on or sooner than in 2 days

, I’ve determined to present anybody who claims a reproduction of BellyDancingCourse™ This day FULL ACCESS to the following 7 Broad Bonuses:

      BONUS #125 General Foundation Drills

      foundation drills and moves

      The principle bonus is 25 videos that is designed to declare the classic movements of bellydance and inspire their agree to in a giant vary of dance combinations.

      It moreover incorporates a 30-minute muscle-conditioning say introducing foundation movements of bellydance technique.

      • Dance moves and dynamic stretches designed as a light complete-physique say.
      • Fingers strengthening & the construction of gracefulness.
      • Upper physique articulation & strengthening.
      • Isolations of shoulders, ribcage and hips.
      • Hipwork fundamentals & decrease-physique toning.
      • Weight shift construction, footwork, hipwork.

      Trace: $19.95 Yours FREE

      BONUS #2Complex Combinations & Performances

      complex aggregate videos for abdominal dancing

      This intermediate 12 video series teaches you develop dynamic and intricate turns in a easy-to-agree to manner. Learn combinations that can allow you to shift smoothly from one pass to the subsequent.

      • Improvise recent movements and incorporate layering into your dance.
      • Add layers, turns and transitions into your repertoire.
      • Observe combinations with 6-minute technique drills lessons.
      • Uncover stressful and upbeat combinations!
      • Learn to have your beget outlandish form of dancing.
      • Look world-class performances by educated abdominal dancers.

      Trace: $39.95 Yours FREE

      BONUS #3Dancing Exercises For Weight Loss, Smartly being & Muscle Toning (HOT!)

      abdominal dancing shed kilos muscle toning

      On this 25-phase video series, you will look abdominal dancing workouts for weight reduction, fitness, muscle toning and even yoga. We are going to uncover movements and systems that can per chance per chance support you to to shed kilos, tone up muscle groups in areas of disaster such as hips, buns, thighs and abdominals.

      • Mix aerobics with abdominal dancing in 25 stress-free-stuffed workouts.
      • Uncover extremely effective ways to shed kilos and sculpt your physique!
      • Learn to pass, gyrate and shake while getting a weight reducing say.
      • Isolote, pass and work muscle groups you didn’t know you had!
      • Uncover a good deal of say routines at varied rhythms and flee.
      • Burn calories through cardiovascular and strength dance moves.

      Trace: $49.95 Yours FREE

      BONUS #4Sexy & Sensual Belly Dancing Videos

      horny abdominal dancing moves and guidelines

      This Third bonus focuses meaningful, evocative and sensual movement in abdominal dancing.

      • Over 18 videos instructing you the art of sensual abdominal dancing.
      • Modulate the flavors of your dance, such as sensuality, playfulness, classiness, as well to emotional vary and depth.
      • Uncover outlandish combinations in preserving with poses, gestures and arm patterns that add expressivity and sensuality to a performance.
      • Learn how your movements could also be beautifully interwoven, breathing with meaningful, effortless grace.

      Trace: $29.95 Yours FREE

      BONUS #5Files To Costumes & Equipment

      costumes for abdominal dancers

      On this 20-phase video module, we’ll uncover:

      • Forms of costumes for numerous dance kinds.

      • Guidelines on how to have your beget costume beneath $100.

      • Costume hunting for guidelines and sources.

      • Guidelines on how to combine and match accessories and jewellery.

      • Uncover use finger cymbals and instruments for performances.
      • & Many More…

      Trace: $19.95 Yours FREE

      BONUS #6FREE Lifetime Updates

      bellydancingcourse membership

      When a brand recent videos fetch released- it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably also fetch it FREE of Payment! It be easy – it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably also fetch the instructions by electronic mail for immediate download so that it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably glimpse them at present. We released recent updates every month.

      In point of fact, within the finish to future, this could per chance be offered as phase of a deluxe membership equipment at a bigger ticket. Expose now and it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably even be guaranteed to fetch all future videos FREE for existence!

      Regular Trace: $10 Per Month Membership. But you will fetch Free Lifetime Salvage admission to If You Expose This day!

      SUPER BONUS #7Free 1-twelve months One-on-One Coaching With Mariella (Most attention-grabbing a Few Spots Left!)

      one-on-one private coaching mariella

      Would you treasure one-on-one skype coaching with Mariella?

      That’s right – One-on-one video private coaching, advice and steering from a world-class abdominal dancer and certified coach are constantly right a private electronic mail or skype call away. Whereas it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably even be puzzled, it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably web your questions privately answered anytime. I’m able to also esteem to hear from you!

      Sold Individually – $20 per hour – yours FREE for 1 twelve months (Limit 1 hour per day)

      This support is virtually helpful. The one-on-one back way any individual is constantly there for you… it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably even be never left to address your questions by myself. This acts as a “personalized-made” program to make certain it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably even be constantly heading within the true route, it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably even be constantly encouraged, and… you will fetch ONE-ON-ONE solutions and back from me. With the odd one-on-one skype/electronic mail coaching, you will never be left by myself with your questions.

      WARNING! You Ought to Flee! Most attention-grabbing A Few Spots Left!

      I’m obvious you know that I’m able to’t offer this free bonus for lengthy. I handiest web that many hours day after day. The free twelve months starts with your first session…BUT this bonus will be disappearing when I open getting “too many” college students. You settle on to behave like a flash whenever you settle on to settle on to fetch the free private coaching.

      Carry out demonstrate that because of odd nature of the back and obtrusive time constraints, this critical private steering is on hand for a runt different of parents. Whereas it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably even be seeing this message, which way that it’s aloof on hand. The next time you discuss over with, it could per chance per chance per chance per chance well per chance be gone.There are handiest a pair of spots left, so please sprint. Click right here to open now

Let’s face it. You most seemingly could per chance with out disaster pay hundreds of bucks in dancing lessons (and extra shuttle time) for one thing equivalent to this.

What if I Educated You “BellyDancingCourse” Used to be FREE?

So this is the deal: What if I instructed you BellyDancingCourse™ videos were free? Would you try it then? What if I instructed you that you just handiest had to pay for it if it labored for you?

Smartly, preserve on to one thing stable, because that is precisely what I will preserve out.

You in fact don’t even settle on to reflect it, even though, because I will guarantee you will open learning abdominal dancing with out disaster and hasty…otherwise it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably also not owe me a dime.

My Ironclad 100% Pride “Love It or Shove It” Guarantee

city and guilds certificate in hairdressing money support guaranteeIt be vital to me that you just to web your complete sources and training to master abdominal dancing. I’m totally assured after it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably also web got utilized what it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably also web got learnt within the videos, you are going to be on your technique to becoming an unparalleled abdominal dancer.

But, if there’s any probability in any admire it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably even be not joyful with the videos then contact me interior 60 days of your teach for a FULL refund.

Yes. That’s right. Take 60 days to web in thoughts the videos. It’s most likely you’ll per chance per chance web got a good deal of time to be obvious that that this is correct for you because whenever it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably even be not 100% joyful, right ship me an electronic mail and I will refund your fee . Apt up to the last day of this 60 day guarantee. No hassles and no questions requested. Even better, you fetch to back your complete bonuses!

Try BellyDancingCourse™ RISK-FREE For 2 Months Now »

So this is what I’m providing you right this moment:

BellyDancingCourse™ and the FREE Bonuses

+ One-On-One Coaching + On the spot Salvage admission to

– All Yours for Appropriate $127 $47!

abdominal dancing dvds seriesThat’s right, you will fetch your complete route right this moment, at present for handiest a one-time fee of $47. (There are handiest a pair of spots left for the coaching and in command that they are going like a flash!)

Now, evaluate over a thousand bucks of non-public dance coaching charges with the extremely low ticket we’re supplying you with to rob your abdominal dancing skills to the subsequent stage.

Even better, it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably glimpse the videos danger-free for 2 months. It’s most likely you’ll per chance per chance be safe by my 60-day no questions requested guarantee.

Keep in mind – All of the route on hand by immediate download, online streaming as well to DVDs. You most seemingly can staring at the videos in 5 minutes!

And, for a one-time fee, you’ll fetch lifetime fetch admission to, so any future updates or recent videos will be yours for FREE.

This is Exactly What You Need To Carry out Apt Now…

Click the button within the teach have beneath and it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably even be taken to a valid teach page. It’s most likely you’ll per chance per chance then be ready to glimpse and download BellyDancingCourse and your complete other bonuses at present.

abdominal dancing dvd video route

By taking action right this moment, I designate that:

  • It’s most likely you’ll per chance per chance grant me immediate fetch admission to. Once my enrollment is efficiently processed, you will give me immediate fetch admission to to the BellyDancingCourse™ program, 50 videos, 8 hours of coaching, 1 hour of track rhythms including your complete bonuses, lifetime updates PLUS one-on-one coaching.
  • I fetch unlimited fetch admission to to hurry and download your complete videos as well to the probability of DVDs shipped to my mailbox.
  • By taking like a flash action right this moment, I handiest pay a low investment of right $47. There are no renewals, no routine charges, no other charges. It’s some distance a LIFETIME membership.
  • Apart from, I designate that I will forfeit this introductory ticket and the bonuses if I lift out not aquire it now.
  • I extra designate that on top of all these inconceivable advantages, I’m backed by your Love It Or Shove It” 100% Possibility-Free Money Back Guarantee

[[Add To Cart ]

There are NO month-to-month funds or hidden charges.

(Promotional ticket will discontinue anytime after in 2 days


HACKER SAFE certified websites discontinue over ninety 9.9% of hacker crime.To make certain your information stays valid, BellyDancingCourse funds are backed by McAfee Stable, so that you just realize it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably teach from us at any time in paunchy confidence!

Secret agent you on the interior,


Mariella Monroe

P.S. A few reminders… Don’t forget that it’ll be vital to utterly be one in every of the subsequent few folk handiest to fetch the free one-on-one coaching . PLUS, it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably also fetch it today at the discount ticket of $47!

You snooze, you lose. It be as easy as that. I verbalize that you just reserve your reproduction today.

P.P.S. There is zero danger right here. Keep in mind…you web my 100% Possibility Free Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. Even whenever you extinguish and assign a question to for money support… your complete bonuses are yours to back on your misfortune. Take a look at at it as right my technique of claiming “thanks for giving it a try.”

So don’t wait… Click right here now and begin your abdominal dancing coaching »

“Doubtlessly The BEST Investment It’s most likely you’ll per chance per chance Ever Manufacture…”

I’ve sold many other packages and this is the finest at instructing the fundamental and some evolved moves. Mariella is a enormous trainer and breaks it down very wisely for general to intermediate instruction.

She is big at choreography and helps you learn to assign moves together for the finest drift and ravishing movement. Whereas you settle on to settle on to learn abdominal dancing, this could per chance be the finest investment you will ever have.

– Olivia Iciness

Kewanee, IL

Prefer To Learn Belly Dancing The Straightforward and Swiftly Formula?

This is THE Ultimate Opportunity It’s most likely you’ll per chance per chance web got Been Waiting For…

aged abdominal danceBy now, you web a right thought what BellyDancingCourse “The Remaining Masterclass” is all about. It’s most likely you’ll per chance per chance web got read the testimonials of parents that rave concerning the product and you realize that you just attach not need any danger need to you aquire, your complete danger is on me.

Keep in mind, in a brief time from now it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably also web fetch admission to to the finest technique to learn abdominal dancing online… Whereas it’s good to per chance per chance well presumably even be procuring for the finest, quickest and per chance the most delightful technique to master abdominal dancing, than I beg you to fetch in while its low-ticket. So rob action & teach now :

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