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World Famed Bearded Dragon Skilled Says…

Are You One amongst Them?

Here Are Some Telltale, Warning Signs:

It’s essential to to additionally just enjoy a severe space in case your bearded dragon is:

  • No longer eating in any respect, or eating very runt
  • Shedding very runt skin
  • No longer bright about, slow

  • Has pain ingesting water

  • Attempting skinny or malnourished

  • Has pain opening its eyes

  • Keeps scratching or attacking its cage

  • Sleeping all day somewhat than being alert

  • No longer pooping often, or surprising alternate in poop texture

  • Aggressive and bites at anything else (cherish your finger)

  • Has pain respiratory

  • Repeatedly burrowing away

  • Has chipped or damaged nails

  • No longer its routine color

  • Choking on its meals & having noteworthy pain swallowing

  • Frantic when held

From the desk of Chris Johnson

Date : Sunday, February 11, 2024

RE: An Pressing Message To All Bearded Dragon Lovers!

Dear Bearded Dragon Lover,

Did you in deciding a bearded dragon over a cat or a canines, thinking it could be more uncomplicated to handle?

Are you intending to buy a bearded dragon since it seems cherish a truly easy pet to take care off?

Bet what…

You Can’t Be Extra From The Truth!

I’ll be the main to admit that I fancy these bearded dragons, or beardies as I cherish to name them. I even enjoy saved and bred them for over 10 years, which makes me one amongst the most recognised authorities in phrases of these runt reptiles.

However sadly, most of us don’t enjoy the same level of recordsdata as consultants. They buy a bearded dragon from their native pet store and quiz it to be as easy to handle as a guppy or terrapin. And in enlighten that they discontinue up making all sorts of dreadful errors that could seriously damage the properly-being of their beloved bearded dragons!

To cherish why bearded dragons need such particular consideration and care, it is a necessity to dangle the place they reach from. The complete world’s bearded dragons on the present time originated from the wild, outback regions of Australia… which manner…

Bearded Dragons Are Actually
Desolate tract Animals!

It’s factual now not as straightforward as throwing them in a cage with some meals!

Now take into consideration plucking a bearded dragon from its natural habitat in a dry barren space, the place temperatures can sore properly over 90 degrees in the day and fall to below forty five degrees at night… and inserting them…

Except you live in the barren space, I doubt your backyard has the same roughly prerequisites… which manner it be crucial to “artificially develop” an environment that’s an identical to a beardie’s natural habitat.

Here’s the place the total concerns reach in. Most of us develop now not enjoy any belief how to place so… and develop now not enjoy any belief of the costs enthusiastic! As a result of equipment you will need to plot as a lot as “mimic” its natural habitat… rearing a bearded dragon also can just furthermore be a plush ardour!

Happily, over my 10 years of rearing these bearded dragons, I even enjoy labored out a series of shortcuts and systems it’s good to perchance perchance employ in uncover to put yourself some severe money… but aloof provide your bearded dragon with a high-rate, contented atmosphere!

You know, it’s good to perchance perchance read limitless Web web pages or focus on with a dozen boards about bearded dragons and aloof don’t know how most piquant to esteem them… because most of us writing these web pages (or visiting the boards) are factual as clueless about what to place!

It’s cherish the blind leading the blind!

Why learn from novices if you happen to perchance can enjoy the advantage of choosing the mind of a seasoned, bearded dragon owner and breeder… somebody who in truth does it for a living?

Why apprehension about doing things handsome… if you happen to perchance can as soon as-and-for-all, know the just ways to esteem your bearded dragon?

Introducing my…

“Bearded Dragon

Secret Guide”

… The Guide Pet Store

House owners & Breeders

Don’t Desire YOU To

Know About!

I’m severe when I say pet shop house owners and first rate breeders don’t need you to dangle about my secret handbook. That’s because after reading what I even want to deliver about caring for bearded dragons…



want to pay paunchy tag for bearded dragon pet meals.

You NEVER want to pay paunchy tag for bearded dragon equipment, equivalent to cages & enclosures, linings and substrates (I enable you to develop these yourself for a few dollars the employ of often readily accessible family objects.)

You NEVER want to pay paunchy tag for proudly owning a bearded dragon (I contemporary you the place to glean a wholesome one for a large good buy… and even for FREE!)

You know, when I first took my draft manuscript of this handbook and tried to glean pet shop house owners to promote them in their shops…

All Of Them Came Up With Some Dreadful Excuse

About It Being “Too A lot” For Pet House owners To Take care of!

That’s why I made up my mind to glean this recordsdata straight to you over the Web… by presenting it in a glean that also can just furthermore be directly downloaded by you. This implies if you’re thinking of proudly owning a bearded dragon, or if you already dangle a bearded dragon… it’s good to perchance perchance like a flash study to have a study if you’re doing the handsome yelp.

“I Comprise 2 Bearded Dragons…

Your E book Taught Me Issues I Didn’t Know!”

I am the proud owner of 2 cushty, wholesome bearded dragons who come one day of in actuality adorable! I thought I became doing a large job taking care of them, but reading your book made me realise so a range of the errors I became making… and taught me a few systems to put money cherish __________ and ________! I am going to advocate this book to my vet subsequent week!

— Susan Turner, TX

“I’m Ecstatic I Read Your E book

Earlier than Owning A Bearded Dragon!”

Whereas researching on the Web for bearded dragons, I came one day of your book and thought “Why now not?” I’m so happy I purchased it. Following your advice, I managed to personal a long way from getting cheated by the main 2 pet shops I went to… who were attempting to promote me some sickly bearded dragons. I finally purchased them with out cost from _________, following your steps! Thanks!

— Anthony Smith, Vancouver BC

“My Pet Store Is Pissed!”

Following the steps you outlined, I went into my native pet shop and identified to them the concerns with their bearded dragons. You need to enjoy seen the come one day of on the owner’s face… and the man who ALMOST purchased a bearded dragon became so grateful. I purchased one from one other divulge, and it’s taking half in its contemporary home. Thank you Chris!

— Brian Rogers, Ohio

Listed below are some of the things I duvet in my handbook factual about picking bearded dragons to encourage you to develop the most piquant possibility:

  • The 2 main forms of bearded dragons… and which one you SHOULD pick for more uncomplicated care (Most of us who don’t know greater pick the varied species for the spoiled reason!)
  • 7 systems to name surely whether your bearded dragon is male or female (Some pet shop attendants even glean this spoiled, leading to surprising concerns later.)
  • 6 inquiries to inquire of to pick if you’re willing to dangle a bearded dragon (It’s now not factual concerning the money, but one other yelp that will bleed you dry if you don’t enjoy in mind it.)
  • 3 things to search out out for on the pet shop you’re going to buy your bearded dragon.
  • 1 reason you could NEVER buy a bearded dragon from a pet shop that displays this “designate”… regardless of how important your coronary heart tells you to! (You’ll be throwing your money down the drain.)
  • 4 varied, runt-known sources besides your native pet store the place it’s good to perchance perchance glean your bearded dragons from (on the total at a more cost-effective tag and in even greater condition… if the place to search out)
  • 2 sources the place it’s good to perchance perchance doubtlessly glean your bearded dragon with out cost.
  • Whether or now not you could glean a child, or an adult bearded dragon.
  • The hazard of getting a child bearded dragon… and the manner it’s good to perchance perchance overcome this space by simply doing somewhat dimension
  • name the age of a bearded dragon cherish an skilled factual by its length
  • Whether or now not you could glean a male, or a female bearded dragon (This possibility will enjoy an affect on the manner you esteem it in a while)
  • Whether or now not you could glean loads of bearded dragon
  • 9 signs of a wholesome, rising bearded dragon (By no manner buy a bearded dragon who does now not meet ALL of these 9 crucial signs!)
  • expose in 5 minutes whether a bearded dragon is unhealthy (Label: If you happen to learn about anyone of these 9 telltale signs… keep a long way from the bearded dragon!)
  • One deadly mistake most contemporary pet house owners develop, when bringing their bearded dragons home for the main time (ensuing in their death!)
  • What you could positively place one day of the 1st week of proudly owning your bearded dragon (The reply also can just shock you.)
  • How you could come one day of at your bearded dragon one day of its 1st week on your divulge (Ignoring this can imply a in actuality annoying relationship in a while…)
  • A checklist of 17 objects you could prepare earlier than procuring a bearded dragon (Don’t develop the error of frantically attempting to search out these items AFTER procuring your bearded dragon!)

After picking the handsome bearded dragon. It can per chance be wanted to dangle how to talk with them. Since beardies can not narrate, they rely on a elaborate plot of body language to talk their emotions and intentions.

Studying how to realise your bearded dragon’s body language is wanted in guaranteeing that you’ll be also be giving them what they need!

“Your Secret Guide Nailed It For Me…”

Chris, factual a transient contemporary to let how cushty I am along with your Bearded Dragon secret handbook. I purchased it final week, half wanting ahead to to search out recordsdata I already know as an owner. However on Page 36 you completely nailed the gap I became having with clipping the nails of my bearded dragon! My beardie enjoys his nail cropping now. Thank you!

—  Fred Morgan, IL

“I Won’t Pay Plump Trace Over again…”

Intellectual how important pet shops are ripping us off for industrial pet meals, I wouldn’t pay paunchy tag for them again. No longer handiest is my beardie eating properly and wanting greater than ever, your “systems” are saving me a range of time and cash on caring for them. I am thinking of adding one other one to our sequence quickly.

— Terence Wood

  • What is the main designate you MUST recognise from your bearded dragon and what it conveys
  • accurately expose what your bearded dragon’s mood is by studying how to read its “beard” (The beard conveys a huge vary of emotions.)
  • What your bearded dragon manner when its mouth is constantly gaping
  • expose if a bearded dragon is offering a “friendly greeting” or is being aggressive, by the employ of these 2 point handbook
  • What a bearded dragon does when it is unheard of
  • read the bearded dragon’s learn about movements cherish a first rate (These are 2 sail learn about movements you will need to learn to recognise…)
  • What the bearded dragon is attempting to place when it flattens itself even additional
  • Suggestions to search out at a bearded dragon’s tail direction to pick its relationship with varied animals or beardies
  • Why bearded dragons wave their arm, and what it indicators
  • 5 body language experiments you could place along with your bearded dragon, to personal a “psychological database” that accurately maps its emotions with what it does

“My 12 Year Ragged Loves His Beardie!”

My 12 year damaged-down son compulsory a beardie badly for his birthday, but we were repeatedly apprehensive he wouldn’t have the means to personal up it properly. So we made him read your handbook earlier than agreeing to buy one for him. What shocked us became… he is now following your steps, and taking care of it cherish a first rate. Even our neighbor is shocked at how important he knows… We haven’t told them although!

— Susan Hodge

“You Proven Me How To Enact It Greater…”

I even enjoy bred bearded dragons for nearly half of my existence, so I thought I became the valid skilled. Studying your handbook taught me how to place it even faster, and greater… especially your half about getting 2 beardies to develop guests.

— Mike Howard

I also focus on how to plot up an enclosure to retain your bearded dragon. Preserve in mind what we mentioned earlier about organising an “man made atmosphere” that mimics the natural home of your bearded dragon?

Be taught:

  • 2 systems to put money when procuring any equipment for your bearded dragon (By no manner pay paunchy retail tag again after this secret!)
  • accurately pick the dimension of your bearded dragon’s enclosure or cage with none guesswork
  • A cheap trick it’s good to perchance perchance employ to develop your beloved bearded dragon feel stable and stable… (It takes factual 5 minutes and costs nothing… the employ of gives it’s good to perchance even enjoy gotten at home, yet most bearded dragon house owners don’t place it!)
  • produce your dangle cage, and 1 yelp you could positively enjoy in mind when constructing your dangle cage (Most of us neglect this and reach to feel sorry about later!)
  • Where to location your bearded dragon’s cage at home and 1 deadly location most of us divulge it at unknowingly
  • Why it is a necessity for your bearded dragon to receive the handsome amount of heat
  • The handsome amount of heat to provide to your bearded dragon and 4 systems it’s good to perchance perchance place so with out procuring any of those expensive equipment
  • expose in case your bearded dragon is plagued by excess warmth
  • How skilled breeders cherish myself plot up the enclosure to forestall overheating (Most bearded dragon house owners don’t place that additional step… inadvertently killing their beloved pets!)
  • What roughly thermometer you must glean to show screen the temperature of the enclosure (Label – It’s the cheapest form with this particular feature!)
  • How you could NEVER plot up the heating equipment on your beardie’s cage (Real final week, I saw this mistake being made on video by a supposed “skilled” in bearded dragons…)
  • Why it is a necessity that your bearded dragon receives ample UVB rays
  • Why you could never employ any fluorescent bulb lying around your divulge to place your bearded dragon with light… and the actual roughly light bulb you could employ
  • One magnificent truth about fluorescent light bulbs and if you happen to must alternate them… (Most bearded dragon house owners don’t learn about this, and discontinue up depriving their beardies of sunshine!)
  • The story about adjusting the sunshine lessons to alter to altering of the seasons (Intellectual this can put you a range of time and energy…)
  • The particular substrate I employ to line the bottoms of my cage (It’s cheap, handy and non-toxic.)
  • 3 sorts of substrate you could NEVER employ in the cage of your bearded dragons (If ingested, these also can trigger prompt death.)
  • A high-tech substrate it’s good to perchance perchance employ for the cage that’s runt-known, and is in truth priceless for your bearded dragon
  • The handsome decorations you could divulge in the cage
  • Suggestions to with out difficulty enhance the psychological properly being and agility of your bearded dragon, by along with this roughly “decoration” in their cage (It costs nearly nothing to develop.)
  • 46 sorts of deadly vegetation you could NEVER put in the enclosure of your bearded dragon (Warning – These are now not exotic vegetation… but very COMMON family vegetation expose in most properties! Be sure none of these reach into contact along with your beardie.)
  • The fact about conserving your bearded dragon outdoors, and the prerequisites that must be fulfilled to place so (Most residence house owners factual retain their bearded dragon outdoors because they wrongly specialise in it is extra handy and greater for the bearded dragon!)
  • forestall a bearded dragon from escaping when environment up an outdoors enclosure

Besides incandescent how to develop a just enclosure, one amongst the traits that separate an skilled from an amateur is how he “handles” his bearded dragons. Skilled house owners are repeatedly at ease when dealing with their bearded dragons… because they perceive what NOT to place when dealing with them!

“My Beardie Has Change into Such Enjoyable In a single day!”

Previously my beardie would rush from me each time I tried to pick it up from its cage. Now the employ of your methodology of tricking it… my beardie has turn into such stress-free to handle and so obedient overnight. Certainly, it is a long way on the total eating and resting properly. Nothing makes an owner happier!

— Matthew Lee

  • 13 place’s and don’ts when dealing along with your bearded dragon (These are wanted ground tips for ANY bearded dragon owner.)
  • Why you could never clutch your bearded dragon from above or kiss it, regardless of how just it looks to be like
  • How you could raise your bearded dragon in the palm of your hand (Ignore this and you possibility injuring your bearded dragon.)
  • How younger of us must be supervised to handle bearded dragons
  • handle a bearded dragon who is attempting to hurry away, but “tricking” them with this ways the pros makes employ of
  • One divulge you could NEVER put your bearded dragon at, regardless of how just it looks to be like
  • One mistake house owners develop when dealing with bearded dragons, ensuing in their pets being nearly now not doable to handle! (Be taught this and you’ll handle your bearded dragon cherish an skilled.)
  • The particular steps to with out concerns natty the nails of your bearded dragon, with none resistance or strive towards
  • What you could place if you accidentally afflict your bearded dragon whereas trimming its nails
  • The secret additional step to trimming your bearded dragon’s nails, to develop sail a quiet bearded dragon somewhat than an agitated one
  • The magnificent fact about weight problems for bearded dragons
  • Suggestions to “trick” bearded dragons to exercise the employ of this methodology veteran by zoos
  • One other methodology to glean your bearded dragon to transfer around by constructing an merchandise that costs less than $5 from your native ironmongery shop
  • Why you could NEVER liberate your bearded dragon on your divulge (The majority of the bearded dragon house owners I know develop this mistake… inserting their dangle lives in hazard!)
  • What you will need to place if you will need to liberate your bearded dragon from its cage
  • The particular acknowledge you could employ to scrub down the cages and enclosures of your bearded dragon to forestall germs or micro organism (Don’t be tricked into procuring expensive soap from pet shops… This works the MOST successfully and is expose in almost about all households!)
  • The handsome manner to natty the cage of your bearded dragon to be sail no parts are missed out (I contemporary you the likely space areas that pet house owners lunge over… doubtlessly leading to ailments in a while.)
  • plot up a litter box for your bearded dragon
  • Why your bearded dragon is now not the employ of its litter box (and the manner it’s good to perchance perchance resolve the gap)
  • give your bearded dragon a just bathtub and scrub
  • What is the just temperature for the “bathtub water” of your bearded dragon and what soap to make employ of when cleansing it
  • The magnificent fact about most veterinarians (vets) and why they are now not factual for your bearded dragon
  • pick a vet who specialises in caring for bearded dragons and 9 questions to inquire of any vet earlier than hiring him / her
  • personal a long way from inflicting undue stress to your bearded dragons
  • One yelp your bearded dragon must never learn about or reach into contact with (make certain to place now not enjoy this merchandise anywhere shut to its cage)

Weight loss program is an wanted half of a bearded dragon’s existence. A properly-fed dragon can grow as a lot as an hurry per week. Unfortunately, too many pet house owners I even enjoy come one day of are now not feeding their beardies the handsome meals for their boost… or are spending too important pointless money on pet meals.

“You Saved Me An Costly Outing To The Vet!”

My bearded dragon, we name him Jasper, became now not eating properly… I became on the verge of sending him to the vet, which could perchance imply a few hundred bucks out at least. As a final ditch strive I purchased your book, and in a few days Jasper became eating generally again! Thank you so important, I wouldn’t enjoy known what to place!

— Kenneth Roberts, Queensland Australia

“Your Checklists Are A God Sent!”

Chris… the checklists you integrated along with your book are a god sent for ANY bearded dragon owner. I became driving myself crazy and so apprehensive about my pet beardie… repeatedly tense about whether she had ample to eat… repeatedly fretting over her… Your checklist put an discontinue to that. At least now I know I’m doing the handsome things.

— Elizabeth Sanders, Orlando Florida

  • What to place in case your bearded dragon refuses to drink water, and how to glean it to drink water “naturally”
  • One roughly “junk meals” you could personal a long way from giving your bearded dragon except it is in unhappy health or in unhappy health… even supposing it could additionally just seem that your bearded dragon is taking half in it!
  • 42 forms of greens which are stable for your bearded dragon, and presents it with the MOST nutritional price
  • Why you could be very careful when catching live insects from your yard for your bearded dragon
  • “gut load” the insects you furthermore mght could perchance be feeding your bearded dragon
  • Suggestions to put money the employ of this vogue, somewhat than shopping for live insects for your bearded dragon (Utilizing this methodology, it’s good to perchance perchance even develop a runt profit!)
  • One golden rule you could employ to pick if half of meals is simply too enormous for your bearded dragon (Most bearded dragon house owners feed their pets meals which are too sizable for it to handle… This rule must repeatedly be veteran!)
  • 5 sorts of deadly insects which must never be given to your bearded dragon
  • The fact about industrial pet meals and why most skilled beardie house owners will NOT feed their bearded dragons ONLY pet meals, even supposing it claims to be “nutritionally complete”
  • What you could place earlier than feeding your bearded dragon with willing industrial meals even supposing it manner ignoring the packaging… (That is required to your bearded dragon’s properly-being.)
  • deal with a bearded dragon that’s a choosy, fussy eater the employ of this trick
  • Vitamin supplements and the manner you could pick the handsome one for your bearded dragon
  • One technique to develop sail that your bearded dragon consumes its offer of nutritional vitamins
  • What to feed your bearded dragon if it loses its color or does now not come one day of as handsome as earlier than

If you happen to also can enjoy gotten read till here, factual how important beneficial recordsdata I point to to encourage you to esteem your beloved bearded dragon. Heck, your vet also can just now not even know half as important… simply because he is now not specialized in taking care of bearded dragons!

In my secret handbook, I also duvet some of the extra developed issues when dealing with bearded dragons, equivalent to:

How To Breed Them Esteem A Skilled Breeder Would!

Certainly, breeding your dangle bearded dragon requires additional recordsdata, but it completely also could perchance be an awfully rewarding assignment… if how to place it handsome!

I even enjoy personal journey in breeding my dangle bearded dragons, and insist you all the pieces it be crucial to dangle about this field.

Be taught:

  • What you could set apart in mind earlier than deciding whether or now to now not breed your dangle bearded dragons (Doing this can put you from months of pain in a while.)
  • expose in case your bearded dragon is drawing advance sexual maturity
  • employ the handsome fabric to develop a nesting box for your female bearded dragon
  • A secret methodology it’s good to perchance perchance employ to steer your female bearded dragon to make employ of your nesting box as her nesting divulge
  • The particular combination of male and female bearded dragons you could put in a single enclosure to forestall aggressive behavior, and reduction breeding
  • The breeding seasons for bearded dragons in Australia & the the rest of the area
  • Why you could personal a long way from inserting one male and one female bearded dragon in the same enclosure
  • glean your bearded dragons conversant in a single one other the employ of this particular methodology (By following my scheme, your bearded dragons will “turn into guests” and be willing to mate in no time.)
  • What to feed your male bearded dragon one day of its breeding season to develop sail he stays in “high glean”
  • handle your female bearded dragon when it is gestating, and the weight-reduction diagram it could enjoy
  • The distinction between routine chicken eggs and reptile eggs (Understand this distinction and you’ll know how to handle the eggs of your bearded dragon as soon as they are laid.)
  • Suggestions to put money constructing your dangle incubator for your bearded dragons… somewhat than shopping for industrial incubators costing thousands of dollars!
  • handle the hatchlings after they enjoy factual hatched from their eggs (Warning – Hatchlings are extraordinarily at ease to their environment and could perchance just die if now not handled properly.)

You Can’t Get This Associated Series Of “Guidelines”

Someplace else… Except You In my view Know A Bearded Dragon Skilled!

The overall systems, systems and ways that I write about in my Bearded Dragon Secret Guide are now not factual based on belief. They’re based on over a decade of journey as a bearded dragon owner and first rate breeder.

That is what I place for a living, so I in truth know what I’m talking about.

Would you somewhat enjoy a at hand handbook that shows you exactly what to place in every yelp… or would you live to insist the tale daily foundation in apprehension, wondering whether you furthermore mght could perchance be doing the handsome yelp for your bearded dragon?

My secret handbook is specially written for the residence bearded dragon owner, so it’s 100% realistic and doesn’t enthusiastic any sophisticated equipment or recordsdata.

To develop it even more uncomplicated for you, I’m going to throw in the next bonuses to develop caring for your bearded dragon even extra appetizing:

1. Particular File: Top 50 Questions & Solutions Every Bearded Dragon Proprietor MUST Know… ($27 Trace)

Via my work with a complete bunch of bearded dragon house owners over the years, I’ve discovered that every particular person amongst them enjoy some very an identical questions about how to esteem their bearded dragon. If you happen to sat down and consulted with me one to one, these are also the likely questions you’ve got.

That’s why I compiled all of the hardest and most “hard” concerns beardie house owners will inquire of about their pets… and provide my paunchy solutions to them!

Don’t apprehension, because I’m now not your vet (attempting to develop money from expensive remedies or medicines)… or the pet shop that’s attempting to promote you a bearded dragon, I will give you the money for to provide the honest acknowledge to those questions…

  • Is it likely to play with my bearded dragon too important? Will it be risky?
  • Why does my bearded dragon shake his legs?
  • Why place my bearded dragon’s legs seem like apprehensive?
  • Why does my bearded dragon discontinue eating all of sudden?

These are tricky questions that stump many bearded dragon house owners. However you glean all of my first-hand solutions on this particular document.

2. Bearded Dragon Day to day Feeding Recordsdata (Worth $19)

Ever wondered what meals to feed your bearded dragon such that it will get a complete weight-reduction diagram and stays radiantly wholesome?

I created this handbook for my dangle usage, which shows the

genuine proportion

of every form of meals it be crucial to feed your adult, child or hatchling bearded dragon. I also contemporary the differences between the weight-reduction diagram composition of an adult and child beardie.

Print out a replica of this handbook (now not readily accessible anywhere else) and paste it on your kitchen wall… so it’s good to perchance perchance know factual the actual parts of meals to feed your bearded dragon.

Having this handbook solves the gap of overfeeding your bearded dragon with expensive pet meals or insects, and develop sail that your beardie will get factual what it wants… a must-enjoy for any owner!

3. Bearded Dragon At hand Illness Busting Recordsdata (Worth $37)

That is one other helpful resource that’s price gold to beardie house owners.

I compiled this at hand handbook and aloof employ it myself.

That is a at hand chart (that you could retain with you) of the most traditional concerns going via bearded dragons, equivalent to:

  • Bloating
  • Bumps / lumps
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Lack of appetite
  • Twitching
  • Vomiting

… And a record of their likely causes. I also consist of the trigger of action you could take to troubleshoot the gap.

Here’s something to contemporary – No longer every space requires a focus on with to the vet… So somewhat than speeding your bearded dragon to the vet the subsequent time, study out his condition towards this handbook first. It will very properly put your bearded dragon’s existence… and money!

4. Bearded Dragon Magic Care Checklist (Worth $37)

I name this my “magic care” checklist since it makes caring for your bearded dragon cherish half of cake! Undoubtedly something which you will need to print out and paste on the wall beside your beardie’s cage.

If you happen to also can enjoy gotten ever felt harassed out over caring for your bearded dragon, this checklist presents you at hand reminders so you received’t neglect the minor crucial aspects.

It contains:

  • A day-to-day record of stuff you will need to place for your bearded dragon
  • A weekly record (and the total particular tests / precautionary measures)
  • A monthly record
  • A semi-annual and annual record of things which you could place

No extra scribbling on pieces of paper or attempting to value out dates on your calendar… Real tick on this checklist as you lunge along!

How A lot Is All This Worth To You?

Remember this – The realistic lifespan of a wholesome bearded dragon is 10 years. If you happen to already dangle one or set apart in mind proudly owning one… you’ll want to employ the subsequent 10 years of your existence with it.

Throughout those 10 years, it be crucial to place your beardie with a contented home as a to blame pet owner. However all of us know that it doesn’t reach easy… or cheap. Real procuring and equipping a cage alone can doubtlessly tag a complete bunch of dollars.

Inquire of yourself, how important are you going to employ on…

  • Enclosure and cages for your bearded dragon
  • Supplies equivalent to toys, perching rocks, heaters
  • Incubators if you idea to breed bearded dragons
  • Food for your bearded dragon (Live insects also can just furthermore be expensive)
  • And extra…

Pointless to deliver, this is able to per chance now not be cheap. However what if the employ of my systems, it’s good to perchance perchance put a complete lot of money on enclosures, cages, gives and meals by studying the place skilled breeders cherish myself source for them?

How important will having this recordsdata alone put you?

How important will just dealing with and care of your bearded dragon put you in vet charges (which could perchance rush into a complete bunch of dollars per focus on with) or heartache when your beloved bearded dragon dies?

That’s why I’m on a mission to encourage as many bearded dragon house owners as likely. It’s essential to to perchance salvage my complete “Bearded Dragon Secret Guide” for handiest $19 and browse it directly on a PC or MAC. It’s essential to to perchance even print it out and consult with it anytime you cherish.

That’s handsome. For only the cost of 1 month’s price of gives and pet meals, it’s good to perchance perchance dangle a replica of my handbook that will put you from pain, frustration, apprehension… and that feeling of now not incandescent what to place.

Don’t you tell it’s price it?

How A lot Is All This Worth To You?

It is my perception that every bearded dragon owner needs to glean his arms on this book because this fabric can vastly enhance the quality of existence of your bearded dragon.

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I’ll even can make it more uncomplicated to retain the handbook and the total bonuses (price over a hundred dollars) for FREE, factual as a manner of asserting “Thank You”.

If you happen to dangle a bearded dragon, you will need this book.

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I perceive that if I act now, I am going to receive an directly downloadable book stuffed with systems and systems on how to esteem my bearded dragon now not taught anywhere else. I am going to also learn to put on gives and meals for my bearded dragon, by getting them from the key sources taught in the handbook.

Within the now doubtlessly now not event that I place now not cherish this handbook, I’m entitled to return it for a paunchy, unconditional, 100% money lend a hand refund and aloof glean to retain the 4 queer bonuses price over $120 factual for attempting.

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Chris Johnson

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