Background Exams In Russia.

Background Exams In Russia.

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Russian Dating Scammers FAQ:

Q. I’ve met a truly nice Russian girl at the dating web residing. I would possibly care for to understand whether or no longer the girl is for precise and her stout name, take care of, cell phone quantity, non-public electronic mail, nonetheless all I even occupy is her Title, Age and Photos. Is that this ample to obtain out all data?

A. Yes, we are in a position to are trying to obtain her profile there and present the background investigation in 6-7 days. Plump refund if no end result.

Q. Russian girl sent me the copy of her inner passport / ID. Are you able to teach me whether or no longer this file is precise or if this girl has utilized for a worldwide passport?

A. Our overall background take a look at involves the free verification of any identification file as an inner Russian or Ukrainian passport, global passport, identity card or driver’s license.

Q. Are there any blacklists of all Russians who are recognized Web dating Russian scammers.

A. Right here it is likely you’ll well presumably additionally obtain our monthly updated Russian dating scammers database.

Q. I used to be planning to head away this Friday morning from the USA to wing to Kiev to head hunting for a girl named Alina C. Now I ogle you’ve got blacklisted her name. I am attributable to this reality insecure she would possibly additionally be an educated scammer and occupy contacted their security as successfully. Are you able to relief to substantiate this particular person identity as soon as that it is likely you’ll well presumably additionally factor in?

A. We are in a position to terminate the like a flash background take a look at investigation and send the background document on her in 24 hours for a further rate.

Q. My Ukrainian girl desires to accomplish a visa for traveling to me in Sweden. She says that she must occupy $1200.00 in cash to teach she will obtain the cash for to bound. How a lot cash are Ukrainians required to teach?

A. To receive a visa, Ukrainian or Russian candidates are no longer required to teach cash for bound. She is a scammer.

Q. The Russian girl says that she desires $500.00 to teach for money or the airline will not let her board the airplane. Appropriate?

A. There are no Russian or Ukrainian customs or airline rules requiring vacationers teach proof of earnings or cash to bound originate air. The scammers frequently cite fictitious Russian rules in suppose to bag the cash sent abroad.

Q. I would possibly care for to bring the Russian girl to the England to head to me. She says I occupy to wire her the cash for a ticket.

A. We advice never send the cash for a ticket. You would possibly additionally buy the tickets yourself with out grief online from the air carriers for Russian of us.

Q. I contemplate I even occupy been scammed. I even occupy sent the Ukrainian girl $900.00 and now I obtain out her global passport is a faux. How terminate I bag my money relief?

A. By our journey the chance of cash making improvements to after dating scam case is about 30 percent.

We occupy had round fifty winning conditions neutral for the closing ten years when the bulk of stolen quantity used to be returned to our purchasers.

We use the next proven scheme:

-mark scammer’s IP take care of and obtain out their precise name, DOB and dwelling take care of,

-procure the all important proofs of scam,

-wrote a letter of criticism and notarized,

-send a criticism to authorities,

-work with the police department till the scammer has the same opinion to pay relief the cash.

Q. I would possibly care for to bag the precise photos of my web date from Lugansk, Ukraine. Furthermore would possibly additionally you obtain out if she has the lover there?

A. Might per chance per chance per chance occupy to you would care for the comprehensive knowledge about the actual person, it is likely you’ll well presumably additionally suppose the DETAILED BACKGROUND CHECK, i. e. an developed non-public detective investigation in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, etc.

The Detailed document involves:

-particular person’s accurate photos;

-extra knowledge about the actual person (non-public electronic mail, cell phones, the stout historic past of employment, registered automobiles, property, any alternate, etc.);

-detailed data about parents and members of the family;

-detailed data (including photos) about her close company or lovers, if any (male or feminine);

-other knowledge upon your inquire of of.

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